Ranking the '60s By Dann Isbell

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Ranking the '60s is the ultimate 1960s music countdown with more than 6,800 songs and over 1,800 acts ranked for popularity based upon national weekly chart performance.  The songs and acts are ranked in the first two sections, respectively, each preceded by an explanation of how they found their positions. Two indexes, one for the acts and one for the song titles, comprise the second two sections.  The song title index is also cross-referenced by showing each song's decade rank. Ranking the '60s lists the top 200 acts for each year, a year-by-year comparison of each act's chart popularity relative to both itself as well as to its contemporaries, and the top 200 chart performances by acts within any calendar year, 1960 to 1969. 

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Praise For Ranking The '60s

Lou Simon, SiriusXM Satellite Radio

"Dann Isbell has created a definitive ranking of the chart hits from pop music's greatest decade!  Finally!! Authoritative and indispensible."

Kent Kotal, ForgottenHits.com

"Every record is rated the exact same way without bias, reflecting exactly how these songs performed on the charts at the time...[N]o matter what you may THINK you know about '60s music or how many different ways radio has tried to rewrite that history, there's just no way of getting around the facts.  Highly recommended."

Dave McAleer, Music consultant, Guinness Book of World Records

 “Isbell takes a fresh look at the charts and ranks every song with precision…from the ones you missed to the ones you can’t forget. Isbell’s exhaustive research shines new light on this rich facet of ’60s culture for fans and music scholars alike.  This is very well done.” 

Ron Smith, Radio programmer and author of "Chicago Top 40 Charts"

 “The research is meticulous. The presentation is outstanding. Dann Isbell has placed the ’60s under a microscope and exposed the obvious and obscure with equal precision. To those of us who grew up in this decade, he has encapsulated our musical lives perfectly.”